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Be Wild

Be Wild

Since you were born, you were restricted from becoming wild. You were restricted from exploring the world and getting to know the real you and the mind of God. You were caged in a set of rules and worst of all, there was a form of God you were taught to worship.

You were taught that He is a hard master with a whip in His hand awaiting your wrongdoing. You were taught that He is good but not that good if you continually sinned. You were taught that He is slow to anger but not that slow to anger as He will punish you with a terminal illness if you did wrong.

It is through this shallow knowledge of Him that you landed into the most powerful demonic force the world has ever seen; the spirit called religion. It is through religion that you learnt fear. It is through religion that you learnt to conform to the worldly systems of how you should make money, how you should speak and think.

Because you were continuously subjected to this oppressive force, you became like it. You painted a God who doesn’t exist; a golden calf that cries when you cry and laughs when you laugh. You were as limited as your God. You believed of a God who only does things up to a certain level; the level of your imagination.

You simply forgot this powerful verse;

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever

Exodus 3:20-21 NKJV

Most people don’t have a God who does exceedingly abundantly above all that they can ask or think. They simply do not know the power that works in them. The power that works in them is what we call organized religion. In other areas they call it organized crime.

They call it organized crime because it deprives the child of God the true power of God. It deprives the child of God the true experience of the Zoe life which is the God-kind of life. Organized crime has taught the child of God that God is to be worshipped in a specific way.

It teaches them that He is only to be approached by long dresses. Ironically, in street evangelism, they would tell the ladies of the night that the Lord will answer them regardless of their short scanty dresses should they decide to call unto Him. They immediately shoot themselves in the foot by presenting a God with double standards.

They will preach that this God of organized crime hates drunkards, thieves and sex addicts but they will tell those same people to come unto Him for salvation. How can one come get salvation from a God who hates them? This organized crime has taught many children of God a certain form of worship which doesn’t spring from His throne.

It has taught them that they require to wear turbans round their heads, it has taught them that He requires them to worship Him on a specific day and He requires them to purchase anointing oils to keep demons away. Because it is a system coined from the world, its leaders (men of God) will be more corporate and the board (church elders) will always be stronger than the anointing.

They forget the Lord is not a God of decorum and patterns of the world however good they may seem. They forget that man’s highest intellect is folly unto Him. The church today has simply adopted worldly corporate structures and tried to fix God into their set plans and mindsets. They want to get increased miraculously but would fix their gaze on their salaries, parents or political connections.

The child of God would want to tap the eternal wealth of God but would still want to be finite in their reasoning. They would want to play safe with and in everything. Fear will let them run their lives and will curtail their growth. It is not a coincidence the Bible puts the phrase, ‘Do not fear’ across multiple times.

I am here to tell you today that God is wild. He is not into any patterns of the world. He is not into clean robes nor does He reside at the altar. He resides in your heart. He resides in the filthy self you think yourself to be. He speaks through donkeys, He walks on water and He would use weird things to defy the knowledge of scientists and philosophers.

Over and over again He has used the weak to shame the mighty. This is why in every village in the world, the wealthiest are not the book smart, they are not those that had the most powerful connections. They rose from humble beginnings and today the influential are drawn to them.

But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty;

1 Corinthians 1:27 NKJV

The Lord is wild; He would let a prostitute shower her love on Him, give Him her scent and would massively praise her using her as a perfect example in front of His disciples. He would eat with the filthy in the society and would defy what you seem so sacred. He is the true rock of offence. He mercilessly and constantly offends you out of religion like He is doing now.

He doesn’t really care about the eloquence of speech nor how mightily one has projected them to be. All through the Bible, the high and mighty have fallen paving the way for the ‘righteous ‘lowly’ to collect spoils. The same God would say a murderer, wife snatcher and a rachet like David is man after God own heart.

The same God would smite others for taking consecrated bread but pardon the ‘imperfect’ David who wildly defies set rules. The same God would not withdraw His power from people like Samson who would continuously sleep with prostitutes and continue to make unending mistakes.

Am I advocating that you become a sinner or do bad things? No!

You simply can never and will never experience God if you are in organized crime. You can never experience God if you play safe. The wildest are those that experience Him. A wild widow gives her last meal to a man of God. Another wild murderer called Moses experiences Him after he decides to kill for Him. Why do you fear making mistakes in your quest to find Him?

You cannot be conformed to the patterns of this world (religion) and expect to taste the powers of the ages to come. You cannot subscribe to the fears, ideologies and systems of this world and expect to experience His liberty. His Spirit is not in the patterns of the world. Where His Spirit is, there is liberty. Whatever doesn’t give you liberty doesn’t have the Spirit of God in it.

Does your salary give you liberty? Does your thinking give you liberty? Does your church give you liberty? If the answer is no then I have another question for you, “What are you doing about it?” Are you in that job simply because you fear the job landscape? Are you thinking the way you are thinking because you fear being judged or making a mistake? Are you in that church simply because you want to please your friends or family?

Wild people are not controlled by salaries, they are not caged in their thinking and they do not do things to please others. They are simply wild. Remember, “That which is of the wild cannot be tamed.” Do you know why Isaac asked Esau to go to the wild and bring him game meat? He wanted him to get out of his comfort zone so that he can redeem himself.

Today, God wants you to get out of your comfort zone so that you can redeem yourself. Peter got out of his comfort zone and started walking on water when He saw Jesus walking on water. Forget the rules, forget the fear and defy the system because that’s when you will meet God. God is found at the point where man reaches his end. You have to come to the end of yourself.

Come and learn how to get to the very end of yourself. Join us for fellowship every Friday at Limitless Worship.

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    This powerful. Great awakening

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Be Wild

Be Wild

Since you were born, you were restricted from becoming wild. You were restricted from exploring the world and getting to know the real you and the mind of God. You were caged in a set of rules and worst of all, there was a form of God you were taught to worship.

The Remnant’s mandate is to awaken the bride (the church) and draw men unto the dominion and knowledge of God through the revelation that comes from His word.

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