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This is Why Most Dreams Get Killed in Religious Institutions

This is Why Most Dreams Get Killed in Religious Institutions

Religious institutions are no more or less teaching institutions with hired lecturers ready to receive students. The students they expect are broken and need power to rise but sadly religious institutions offer them curriculums that destroy them.

Let's Dissect This Thing Called Theology

Let’s Dissect This Cult Called Theology

Children of God today rather go to witchdoctors and traditional healers for healing and dominion but not pastors. Why? Because the Church is powerless thanks to Theology. Theology comes from the darkest pits of hell. Read why.

Work On Your Character

Why do you not receive when you give? Well, your character needs to be built first. Stop whining and complaining. Stop giving God commands reminding Him that you are giving all you have. He clearly says that you should stop worrying about life. He asks, ‘Isn’t life more than food or clothing?

Don’t Call Yourself Off

Don’t call yourself off because you were looking for a job and all you got were innumerable turn downs. Do not call yourself off because you lost crazy amounts in business. Do not despair because you were trying to change but you end up doing the exact same thing that you are up against. Even in your deepest abyss, you are righteous.

Choose Life

Every day you wake up with a choice. A choice to live and a choice to die. You may ask how one chooses to live when they are already breathing. Well, so many people choose death every single day. They simply wake up to die.