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Don’t Laugh At Your Father’s Nakedness

Most and I repeat saying that MOST people today are criticizing men of God. They talk about their greed, their promiscuity, their distorted teachings, and their personal lives. They think that they need advice or realignment to what they think is true faith.

Be Renewed, Transform Your Mind

Guys, it is just not about reading your Bible and praying every day, no, that is religion. Do things from your very bosom and because you want to do them not because you have to do them.

Walk With God

Most people think that because they go to Church and attend eye-opening Bible studies, they are walking with God. Well, let’s study the one man in the Bible who walked with God until he was no more!

Martha! Martha!

Martha! Martha! Why do you spend time seeking God where He isn’t? Why do you spend time trying to be perfect? Only few things are important. Only one thing is needed and once you get it, it will not be taken from you.

Sometimes You Are Blinded To See

Introduction What is sight? Is it the ability to see or the ability to see well? What is the use of the eye? To see or to perceive? Does man

Everyday is A Fresh Start

As you snooze that alarm of yours and turn over to enjoy that glorious sleep. As you grumble about how hard your workdays are someone is doing something. Everyday is a fresh start, make use of it.

God Wants You To Be Very Rich

It is sad that the topic of prosperity is negatively debated in many Christian circles. Money has been stamped the ‘root of all evil’ and God’s blessings have been redefined to just shelter from evil, good health, joy and happiness. Well, God needs you to have money and enjoy life to the fullest.

What is Truth?

Man has got an innate yearning for the truth. It is in his nature to seek that which is undisputed. But what is the truth and where is it found?

I Got Healed From Seizures

I cherished the life of a street boy or a beggar so long as I never got those crazy seizures. I prayed for death just to end the pain. All I wanted was Healing.

Overcome The Flesh

Have you been struggling to be better? Have you been making tons of resolutions year after year? It is time to overcome the flesh, don’t you think?

Do You Really Know Who You Are?

If I may ask, do you really know who you are? Who or what defines you? Are you defined by what you do, people, past experiences, the world or a higher power?