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Do You Really Know The Times? LGBTQ, Population Control, AI, Plandemics, AntiChrist? – Part 2

Do You Really Know The Times LGBTQ, Population Control, AI, Plandemics, AntiChrist Part 2

This is a continuation of part 1 of the article Do You Really Know the Times where we talked about LGBTQ and population control. In this article we will talk about Artificial Intelligence, Plandemics and the antichrist. If you didn’t get to read part 1, you can read it here.

Artificial Intelligence

There has been a hype of AI over the past few months and people are really praising how efficient Natural Language Processors like chatGPT are and people now don’t have to think but give instructions to a robot that is all knowing and they will get instant results.

Elon Musk, a heavy investor and evangelist of AI was asked in an interview what his greatest fear is concerning AI and he said that deception is his main fear. It was ironical that the pioneer of AI has some fears in what he believes in.

And because the child of God is too blind to see, they couldn’t get the hoax when Neurolink said someone got instant healing through a chip. And the question is, ‘Why don’t they do the tests on themselves? Why doesn’t Elon Musk have a chip? Why doesn’t Bill Gates get his own vaccines?’

Yes AI simplifies tasks but its main goal is one: To make you over-reliant on it so that you cannot think for yourself, so that everything is done for you. They are selling you convenience but are making you sterile in your thinking. You might think this is stupid but take a look at this scenario.

Years ago, you could live without a phone. If you needed someone, you would simply visit them or ask around. Today, you cannot fathom how that happened. If you lose your phone today, you will feel so inconvenienced as if you lost part of you. This is because the gadget is no longer a tool but part of your soul. Your whole life revolves around it.

The same happens with your social media account. Because you are so much attached to it, spending time away from it makes you feel empty. These tools and gadgets were first marketed as amazing, giving us amazing ability and convenience but with time, we have become dependent on them. We have also been deceived by the devil’s media into their thinking, we subscribe to what they think is good for us with a fake virtual life.

Now imagine if someone was thinking on your behalf? Imagine you had a robot for a spouse who was not only obedient but also very effective, almost perfect. Imagine going home to a spouse who does your bidding however you wanted it. Imagine having a spouse who knows what you want, how you want it and when you want it.

Imagine you had a chip inside you and while at work, you desire to have a certain meal only to find that your robotic spouse prepared it just how you wanted it. Wouldn’t it be nice? Now let’s imagine the worst. How about the government hacked into your brain to your eyes and you help them witness a murder? Or how about you thought about tweeting against the government and it automatically freezes your account? Simply because of a thought?

You might think that it will not reach there but we are headed there. If you are a millennial or older, you once lived without a phone or social media. Today, you wonder how that life was possible. If you want to capture a hen, you throw a few grains to it but not whole sack right?

AI is like that grain and you are that chicken. The good thing is that you can decide to be a chicken or an eagle. An eagle is high up above and doesn’t concern itself with the affairs of the chicken. It’s sight is so incredible that it will see danger from afar.

Then there are these things they call autonomous cars. For your information, those are not cars. Those are robots all connected in a neural network. I repeat that that is not a car, it is a robot. They will cite that they reduce accidents as they are safe but no. The idea is that when they have too much control over you, ‘your car’ which will not be your car but the government’s will decide where you go, when and how.

AI is learning every day and very fast. If let’s say 1 million cars are connected to a neural network and one hits a pot hole and knows that this road has a pothole, then 1 million cars have learnt that in an instant. If every car learns one thing a day then each car learns 1 million things every day.

Meanwhile, the child of God is busy pleasing the Lord by going to church, not drinking and praying every day. It is not bad to pray nor to please God, it is bad and very detrimental to do nothing at all because you are a good person and want to be left alone.


By now we do not need tell you that COVID was the biggest hoax of the century and that the side effects from the vaccines are detrimental and doctors all around the world are really coming against it. By now you know that the vaccines were already manufactured before the pandemic, and the biggest lie was that you needed a vaccine on top of another vaccine and another vaccine to get well. And which, most people contracted the disease even after several booster shots.

Did you have a booster polio shot? Did you get a booster yellow fever vaccine and you still contracted yellow fever? Well, I don’t think so. Vaccines were meant to eradicate a disease not act as painkillers. It is all about population control but guess what, the child of God will be like, “All you guys know is conspiracy theory! Are you the experts?”

The hardest thing on earth is to try open the eyes of children of God. The Lord will always show signs to them and expose the dark but what will the child of God do? Go to Google for answers. Google to them is more powerful than God. They also missed it in the time of Jesus, the law was powerful than the Messiah. To them the law is more powerful than the agenda.

Here is a web search of the statement Bill Gates made about population control.

Screenshot 1
image 1
Screenshot 2

All these articles are from the 253+ media channels George Soros is linked to. In short, children of God overhear the devil is about to kill them and then they go ask the devil, “Dear devil, is it true you want to kill us?” Then of course the devil will put tons of articles out there and say, ‘Fact-Check – Did I (Bill Gates) Really say that we are too many in the world and I want to kill you? Hell No!’

And the child of God cannot even remember the garden of Eden where he used the same tactic of, ‘Did God really say?’ That’s why you children of God need to build powerful media houses that carry the agenda of God that is true, authoritative and reports truthful facts. The devil was able to capture the psyches of men through the media.

It is sad that when you tell a child of God these things, they just panic and argue that you are a conspiracy theorist and that you are scaring them. They will also tell you that they want to be left alone. They will then say statements like, “God is with us!” thinking that by simply going to church and praying and fasting, He will automatically protect them.

They forget that the Bible says a fool dies before his time. The religious child of God thinks because the mountain of the Lord’s house will be above every other house, an angel will come and bring dominion unto them. He thinks that someone will come and tell them, “Now we have fought for you so take this media or fashion industry.”

They forget that they need to be spying the land, they think that prosperity is merely given. They forget that it is earned. They will criticize each other as the enemy takes the plunder and by the time they wake up, well, everything will have been looted.

Have you come across the WHO pandemic treaty that wants every country to sign so that they take power over the people whenever there is a pandemic? Or should we say plandemic? Have you heard of Disease X or it is still conspiracy theory? Go Google these terms and do not go searching their media. Actually, go to your social media accounts and just search about what people are saying. Don’t go about Aljazeera, Reuters, BBC, CNN or the like.

Child of God, see beneath the lies and that’s why I am here to awaken you. When you have the mind and eyes of God you will see beneath the lies they sell you. Did anyone come and predict polio? Did they have vaccines ready? Where do you see people preparing for a pandemic that doesn’t exist? Disease X really?

The Antichrist

I noted down in Part 1 of this article. St. Malachy was some Irish Saint an Archbishop of Armagh who made 112 prophecies about the Roman Catholic popes in 1139 when he visited Rome and had a vision.

His 111 pope was St. Benedicts. We are currently at the last pope No. 112, Pope Francis before the great tribulation. This is what his final prediction was.

In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.

St. Malachy

So from this pristine prophecy you can see that we are very close to the end. This is not just an article to scare you but to prepare you so that you may know the schemes of the devil. The Bible says that you are not oblivious of them.

lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.

2 Corinthians 2:11 NKJV

I urge you to listen to The Watchman to get to learn more about End Times. You can follow him both on his website where he posts his weekly messages and on YouTube and Facebook channel where he goes live at 10pm every Wednesday. Get awakened by his powerful revelation on what you are supposed to be doing at this time.

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