Don’t Accept it Totally – Prophet Elvis Mbonye

If at times I do not see the results in a hundred percent, then I have not totally yet explored what is at my disposal as far as the operation of the Spirit of God is concerned.

If for some reason I can live on with a need, today and tomorrow it’s still the same need, the other day it’s still the same need, one week it’s still the same need, then I have not explored a certain area.

Now if I found myself at some point when a problem is lingering then that would be a witness that I have not explored the fullness of what is available for me as far as walking in the realm of the Spirit is.

So what does that do to me? Now for me, I do not sit back and accept it. Now that is why you have to be very stern with some of these things. You don’t play games with a life that is costing you a measure of the blessing. You don’t accept it. You totally don’t accept it.

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