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Everyday is A Fresh Start

Every Day is a Fresh Start

As you snooze that alarm of yours and turn over to enjoy that glorious sleep. As you grumble about how hard your workdays are and how you would like to have a job of your own where no one will command you around, someone woke up hours before you. Someone meditated, did their routine exercise and planned their day. That someone is who you always long to be. That someone is the person you look up to.

So many people want to make it overnight. Yes it is possible. But people who make it overnight do not constantly snooze their alarms enjoying prime sleep. People who make it overnight do not just wait for close of business hours to go on that date, watch that movie or sleep again. People who make it overnight have goals and have set plans and routines to make them make it ‘overnight’. Amazingly put, they are not like you.

I hear most people say, “And he/she is lucky, I wish the heavens favored me to be like her.” Well, luck is not for people who grumble about each day. Luck is not for people who do not have a plan. And if they get lucky, it doesn’t really last. Most people see someone’s success as luck and they really wish it were them. It really troubles them when they see an underdog – not brighter, educated or smarter than them making it.

Why do underdogs make it?

Do you realize why most underdogs make it? It is because unlike you they ask themselves, “Even if I fail, even if people ridicule me, what do I have to lose?” Most underdogs are not wavered by reputation, fear or shame. They go put in their best, get laughed at, go back put in their best again and the cycle goes on. They are simply – relentless. To them, every day is a fresh start.

Most bright and talented people think that they are invincible. Just because they are aware that they are good in what they do, they spend most of their lives not improving but simply doing the bare minimum. As underdogs work hard just to have an inch of what top dogs have, they give their best in what they do and continue improving their skill. They develop a routine and they get a discipline that propels them to greatness.

Christiano Ronaldo is not the best player in the field. Lewis Hamilton is not the best F1 driver. I still believe that Usain Bolt is not the fastest man on the planet and I can bet for a fact that Tiger Woods is not the world’s best tennis player. The best footballer is somewhere scratching his head wanting to be the best footballer but can’t face the challenge. The best F1 driver is somewhere thinking that you need to have connections to reach there. The fastest person in the world is somewhere really doubting himself and convinces himself that he is lying to himself that he can be fast. The best tennis player thinks that tennis is only for the rich.

If you take time to read the stories about the top, most of them have very humble backgrounds. Most of them never thought that they would be where they are now. Most of them never imagined how big their efforts will propel them. They gave their best shot. Most of them say that they were looked down upon and naysayers did their masterly in criticizing and ridiculing them. But they never did one thing – they never quit.

Most people are smart, but they concentrate on their fears and worries. They really doubt themselves asking, “What will people say of me? What if I fail? But I am not as smart as so and so. But I am do not have the opportunity as so and so.” Most people take their ample time believing that they are something they are not. The Devil is a liar indeed.

Did you know that we are ALL destined for greatness? What if you asked yourself the simple question, “What do I have to lose by putting effort? What do I have to lose by getting ridiculed? What do I have to lose by getting ashamed?” Will you be as ashamed as Jesus? A whole king? The son of God nailed on the cross with his particulars dangling in front of men, women and children? BTW the movies you see cover Jesus because of PG. The Bible says that He was naked. As in completely naked.

Imagine yourself, being the son of God, you were sitted on the right hand of God. The God who made the seas, the beasts of the land and the flowers. Imagine yourself a miracle worker, healing tons of people, calming the storm and even raising the dead and you are now naked on a cross and the naysayers shout, “Now you have saved a lot of people, save yourself now!” Could there be any more shame? Every time I fear shame I ask myself, can I be more ashamed than Jesus?

It is okay to doubt yourself

It is okay to doubt yourself, even Jesus doubted and asked God to take this cup away from Him but you have to brace on. What if you knew your fate like Jesus? What if you knew that one day, the people you did good things to will nail you on a cross? With grandmothers and children seeing your naked self? How then will you tell them about salvation?

Now that you do not know your fate? Now that someone took your place – it was you who were supposed to be up there by the way. Now that someone took your pain and fear and all that is limiting you, why don’t you give life your best? All you have to do is wake up 15 minutes earlier than your usual time and do something productive and important with your life. All you have to do is stop grumbling about life. All you have to do is to give life your very best.

It is okay to feel fearful and even hopeless – but do not succumb to it. It is human to feel tired and worn out – but do not let that to be your routine. Speak of positive things only. Never even include Satan in your conversations, you will be giving him recognition he doesn’t deserve. KNOW that you are here to dominate, you are destined for greatness and you are here to make a BIIIIG difference.

Success is simply very small positive actions that turned into a habit. Success is simply creating a new routine aside that which is detrimental. Success is the discipline of doing very small positive actions. Success is not a blast. It is positive change. If you are an alcohol addict. Start by taking a glass less your normal quantity. If you are a talented pessimist, (just like the Pharisees), start by saying less negative words and if you are a proud sluggard start by just doing one thing that will make a difference in your life.

Every day is a fresh start from God. No matter how much you waste away, God will give you another day, another 24 hours, another 1,440 minutes and another 86,400 seconds. And I said, you do not know your fate. You do not know when you will leave this earth – but if you live in the spirit you would know – story for another day. So today in your 1,4440 minutes, you came across this article. It strikes your soul to a fresh start. Will you?

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