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The Giving Series: Part 3 – He Gives Seed To The Sower

The Giving Series Part 3 He Gives Seed To The Sower

Let’s start with this verse:

Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.

2 Corinthians 9:10 New International Version (NIV)

Most people do not know what this verse means. They read it to encourage themselves when they are in lack. They always think that God will supply and increase them simply because they are Christians and that they believe in an abundant God.

They forget that the verse talks to someone called a sower. The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes a sower as, “a person who plants seed“. The verse above says that the Lord will supply seed to the sower. Can we rightfully say that seed is not given to anybody else apart from someone who will plant it?

Most people think that they are sowers simply because they do good, they serve in church or they simply support the ministry of God. Well, you cannot support the work of God. No human being can support God or His work. This mentality is sadly in the minds of so many children of God.

God is not here to be supported. He is complete. His ministry will continue to thrive and grow whether men abandon it or not. This was evident when Jesus said, that ‘these stones will cry out’. God is never dependent on man but most men think that God’s kingdom is reliant on them.

Religion has taught children of God that because they serve, give and evangelize, they are automatically entitled to the rewards of the kingdom of God. It is sad that most of them become bitter when things do not work their way. They will even remind God of the things they have done for Him. What a shame.

Who is A Sower?

Most people think that a sower is someone who puts seed onto the ground. I will describe a sower as someone who carefully puts seed onto the ground, patiently waits for it to grow, nurtures it and even if the seed yields nothing, he does not think less of himself, he doesn’t think that God is not in control or he is incompetent.

The sower is not controlled by the seed. Neither is he controlled by commentators who are perfect in predicting weather, diseases and market forecasts. A sower is not so much focused on disease, pests and animals that maul the plant. A sower doesn’t need statistics nor proof, he knows the creator of all proofs and statistics is on his side.

A sower is only focused on only one thing; success. Unlike many, ‘failure’ is also success to the sower because he learnt a lot. Harsh seasons do not limit the sower from planting as he is not moved by seasons, he knows of only one season – the season of God.

The sower is never advised by experienced agricultural experts and neither does his self-drive come from his education, he relies solely on the wisdom of God. A sower sows the seed given to him by God and doesn’t withhold. He doesn’t forecast drought and thinks that he can spare some seed for food.

A sower goes all in because he knows that he will surely reap. A sower is never discouraged by the number of failed seasons. He never gives up as his resolve is this, “The word of God MUST come to pass.”

What is the Seed?

Most Christians have limited the seed to just money. They think that the only thing required of them is to sow their money and everything else takes shape. The forget that seed can be joy, peace, love or even the word.

A person who sows the word to drunkards will never run short of it. The Lord will supply and increase their store of the word and will enlarge the harvest of their righteousness. A person who plants a seed of peace in warring families shall know peace in all things, everywhere and anywhere.

A person who sows joy will have an abundance of joy and so is a person who sows their wealth. If you sow your money, you will have more money. As you sow your money, just like any other seed, it will take the same process of growth.

Your insufficient money (seed) will have to die first. It will die to the ground in which you have sown, take time to grow; first the blade, then the head, after that the full grain in the head and in due season you will be ready for the harvest.

Because God is true to His word that He will supply and increase your store of the seed, He will expect that you sow more because you have been given more. This fulfills the scripture in Luke 12:48 NIV that says, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded.”

God will demand much more from you because He has entrusted you with much. And the cycle continues. A farmer who wants to farm one acre will put a specific number of seeds. If they want to farm 10 acres they will need to put 10 times the number of seed to the ground and if they want to farm 100 acres they will need to put 100 times the number of seed in the ground.

It is so sad that Christians expect to put minimum seed expecting to yield harvest of millions of acreage. They forget that to abound in much, they must sow in much and not just money. Is it a coincidence that most genuinely rich people are humble, they radiate love, peace and joy?

It is so sad that children of God know the rules of farming but will only them when they farm, in their bribery and kickbacks but will not do it in the kingdom. They will just blame God that they have stagnated in life.

Most children of God cannot invest in businesses with bad investors who have swindled them before but will continue putting in their seed in poor soil. They will then constantly blame God for their misfortunes. If you invest in anything, you partake in whatever that thing produces.

If I am backing a politician in their political race, I will partake of what their office will hold. In the same way, if I put my seed on churches with poor financial decisions like always resorting to loans instead of waiting upon the Lord, then I will always be resorting to taking loans whenever I have a hitch in my finances.

The Bible is clear when it says whoever gives receives. Anyone who gives surely receives but the complexities of the nature of their giving, whom they are giving to and where they are giving at determines what and how they receive. It is no coincidence that God says He loves cheerful givers.

So in 2 Corinthians 9:10, God is not talking to just His children but sowers. He talks not just to believers who attend Church on Sundays but people who plant. Children of God have taken the Kingdom of God so much for granted that they think they are entitled to everything simply because they believe. Well, since you have read this, you know better.

The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, the tiniest and smallest seed of all that grows into a very huge tree. This simply means, now that you have read this, you will learn not to give God pocket change while you are supposed to build Him an empire.

By reading this article and putting it into practice, you will have planted a mustard seed of the word inside of you which will make you grow to become the biggest force in the kingdom of God.

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    This is so reverational. I hope the church learns more from this

    • theremnant


      Dec 02

      Amazing. Our biggest mandate is to actually awaken the Church.

  2. Avatar


    Oct 20

    This article has really taught me a lot.

    • theremnant


      Dec 02

      Wow! Amazing. It is an honor that you learnt something.

  3. Avatar

    Moses Melita

    Oct 20

    It’s so insightful

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