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Heathens Sell Their Soul To The Devil But The Child of God Has To Be Forced To Give To God

Heathens Sell Their Soul To The Devil But The Child of God Has To Be Forced To Give To God

A story is told of a guy called Robert Johnson, a normal not very talented guitar player who is not loved by women because he is broke and untalented.

This guy goes for a gig in some pub and people hurled insults at him for playing nonsense. Down struck and depressed the guy walks away. He disappears for several weeks and because he is a no one, no one bothered.

The same guy resurfaces, goes to the same pub and guys are awed, mouths aghast in bewilderment and shock. They were like, “Two weeks was not enough for someone to learn the guitar like this.”

The guy went on to become an international hit. A superstar who started hanging out with the who is who and a celebrated icon but died just 6 months later at the age of 27.

So what did the guy do? How come he rose up that quick and made history in just a few months? Well, that is explained in his hit song Cross Roads where he praises his father the devil for giving him life.

Robert Johnson went at a crossroad in Mississippi and lifted his guitar up in the air and said, “Devil, make me!” He would later okay chords that nobody had ever played in life.

Ask yourself, “Why would a heathen like that, someone who made a pact with God be better than the child of God who serves in church and devotes themselves in prayer, fasting and reading of the word?” Is the devil greater than God?

It is sad that the child of God thinks that just because they are born again, that’s it for them. The battle was won and all they need to do is just to sit back and wait upon the Lord.

The child of God has a skewed way of thinking that they automatically become perfect and will increase simply because they go to church or serve in a ministry.

The devil introduced religion to keep the child of God oscillating in a circle of “God is good all the time” and “Sometimes God doesn’t give wealth to God beloved because they will sin.”

The child of God has made the Lord so petty that He holds a whip awaiting to punish them every time they think wrong. Children of the world on the other hand have meant business with their father the devil.

This explains why children of God will always say that people with a lot of money worship the devil because they believe their God is a weakling who loves their suffering. Most of them know that their true riches are in heaven and that they are here on earth to suffer.

Children of God will give their all to their bosses because they think that their lifeline is in their work. Some will confess that they are nothing without their jobs.

Others will give their all in their business and their money. They will trust in their riches. They will believe that it shields them in times of peril. These are those that believe in part and are so double minded.

The child of God can be convinced that they need to bribe for a job or some deal and they will do whatever they can. They can also be convinced to go to a witch for sure bet blessings but the media and everyone around them will tell them not to do the same to a man of God.

The child of God will invest a lot in advertising their business thinking that that’s where they will get their clients but not on the work of God. It is sad that a child of God will sell electronics but their church will always have defective sound equipment.

The same child of God will cry to the Lord why he is not increasing. Look at heathens projects, have your ever seen any that looks as scrawny and as neglected as the church?

In fact, some have minimum amounts for their projects; take it or leave it. But they will advise the child of God that men of God and churches are stealing their money because they are carrying out their father’s agenda.

The blind child of God will go to them and ask them how they made it big and they will take them in circles fully aware that they have diverted a kingdom financier from their goal.

Let me tell you a secret today, “Nobody just rises.” Everybody is backed by a power either of light or that of darkness.”

Let me shock you again, “Anyone who advises you that the church steals your money and that you should invest more in your business and not in the agenda of God, that person is the devil themselves.”

How have men increased in the days of old?

1. Elisha, a very rich guy leaves all he had sent goes to become a servant to a complete stranger – Elijah. His reward – he got a double portion of the man.

2. Abraham is blessed by Melchizedek who the Bible says that he was the priest of the most high God. Abraham gave him a tenth of everything.

3. Mary Magdalene washes the feet of Jesus and puts very expensive parfum on his feet which made the disciples rattle in anger. The result? Freedom, she increased, she stopped being a lowly prostitute. She became a friend to the Messiah and his brother was resurrected.

4. The Shunammite woman realized that money cannot buy everything. She was very wealthy but had no son and the husband was old. By just creating upper chambers for the prophet Elisha, she was able to have a son who died and was later resurrected by the same prophet.

5. The widow at Nain gave her last food and her baby to a complete stranger. But she was in abundance forever more.

6. Rahab a prostitute, a gentile hosts two men of God; Caleb and Joshua and she forms the lineage of Jesus. A non-Israelite.

What makes you think advertising, education, learning new business skills, political connections or hanging out with the welathy can make you prosper?

Do you realize that most of the people above increased through prophets? What does the Bible say about increase with prophets?

“Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.” – 2 Chronicles 20:20

Do you realize that the prophetic is the most fought office? Do you realize that the devil will rather have his people masquerade the office and create campaigns against the prophets?

I have a very genuine question for you child of God, “Do you believe that there are genuine prophets of God today? And if you came across one because God has maybe brought some in your path, will you believe them for prosperity?”

It is sad that Christians fight the very thing that is here to bring them prosperity but go lament to God about their troubles and why they are not increasing.

Children of God want to give God the bare minimum and yet want to prosper. They want to compete with heathens who give their lives to the devil. It happened in the Bible in 2 Kings 3 when the Israelites have a grain offering and the King of Moab sacrificed his heir to the devil.

Child of God do you want dominion with mere bought trading, fasting and praying while some heathen just offered their mother and first born son?

Is it time to wake up and search the deep things of God. The Bible says blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled. The Lord is waiting for you more than how you think you are waiting for Him.

Cease from talking about men of God no matter how grave they are. You are giving the devil free publicity. He loves that. He loves Christian exposes. He loves when you do it because you fulfill this scripture;

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, but you were not willing!” – Luke 13:34

Be willing to learn, be willing to be gathered and open up to the Lord. Seek the Lord with all your heart for He says that he shall be found. Hunger and thirst for Him and for eternal riches.

Work for the Lord, that’s where true riches reside. God is waiting for those who He can rely on. God wants to rely on you. Whatsoever your hands find to do, do it as if you’re doing it for the Lord.

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