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If Your Church Has a Sermon Calendar, Just Watch Netflix At Home

If Your Church Has a Sermon Calendar Just Watch Netflix At Home

Some guy went to a man of God for healing and after he got what we wanted he chose to stay in the fellowship because he felt God potent there. Shortly after, he started asking if the fellowship was a real church because they didn’t meet on Sundays.

He felt different because he was used to attending ‘Real Church’ and not mere fellowships. He was used to a man of God who constantly warned him about sin and ensured that there is inclusivity. He was used of different sermons; some about increase, some about lack, others about being alert about the devil, some about curses, others about how to avoid sin etc.

In this fellowship, all he heard was about goodness, increase and favor year in year out. He also wasn’t comfortable with the man of God smiling and joking a lot. He believed that the word of God should be treated with dignity and that the man of God should have a serious stern face.

This man advised the man of God that his sermons should be balanced, that he should accommodate different sets of people as people are different. He advised him that he should have a notebook and a hard cover Bible. He told him to look for donors as what he preached was amazing but needed a few tweaking and therefore he needed a big congregation that attends church on Sundays.

He went on to tell the man of God to teach on different things as some people are struggling with their marriages, others are struggling with drugs, others sin against the flesh etc. so he should come up with a sermon calendar to teach about these things.

This was the same man who was healed by the man of God. The same man who couldn’t get healing from his home church but got instant healing from this ‘small fellowship’. The same man who was at first wowed by the move of God but later thought that this ‘small fellowship’ could really accommodate what he was used to.

Samson slept with a prostitute and immediately the Holy Spirit came powerfully over him to carry the city gate to the top of a hill. Did He have a calendar of when the Spirit of God should come powerfully over him?

Elijah wants to run away from Elisha in three different occasions before he is taken to heaven but Elisha refuses and says that he will walk with him no matter what. Did he have a small diary that noted Elijah’s movements? Did he have a handbook that said, “When a man of God says this… Do this?” Did Jesus, Paul, Peter, Timothy and any other name that comes in your head keep a calendar of some sorts?

The Church today is in baby class. The Church has been institutionalized and has become more of a heathen’s school. It is sad that in most Theology schools, most (do I call them students or men of God?) are taught to find God though books from ‘Christian Scholars’, from merely reading the Bible, and by praying and fasting.

They then believe that they can transfer their wealth of knowledge to children of God. They are fully convinced that this wealth of knowledge can heal, plant, restore, scatter and give dominion to men. They then become lecturers and the Bible becomes their study book.

Their students on the other hand come with notebooks, others put in digital note apps and some just memorize them. 99% of them do not go back to read their fallen notes. Which is actually a plus. The 1% of them that do just go back to reading boring school notes.

We have a multitude of Christians who have memorized the scripture but the scripture has zero effect on them. They know about God being love, that He is their shepherd, that they are made perfect in Him but they do not in any way reflect Him. This is because they merely read notes about Him.

They are more or less in an university. Ask anyone on the streets about their major. Ask them to name you just 5 units they did and sit back to hear wonders. Sadly, the type of Christian we have today think that they please the Lord by memorizing scripture, fasting and praying.

The modern Christian is absent from reality. They do not know the move of God in this generation because they cry through sad and comforting woiye woiye songs during worship sessions every Sunday thinking they have touched the hem of the Holy Spirit and doze off through long boring same-old classes every Sunday.

Actually, the church today is a meetup where you get to see the friends and family you never met all week. The hangouts rock. It is sad that it is men of God who have massacred the church. They run the ‘house of God’ like an organization where classes are prepared for the whole year and pastors are told to adhere to strict timings because even God is orderly.

I am in no way saying that there should be no structure but the ‘man of God’ today has decided not to rely on the Holy Spirit for revelation but on what is in his notes. The ‘man of God’ will rather spend a month preparing the sermon for the whole year and disregard tapping from the depth of the Holy Spirit.

“God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” -John 4:24 ESV

The simple reason why majority of churches today cannot say, “Take your mat and walk”, may be heal a blind man by putting some clay in his eyes or a congregant cannot get healed by touching the hem of a man of God’s suit is because they caged the Holy spirit and relied on their own knowledge.

Most churches today do not worship Him in truth and in spirit. They try to find him in more religious books that were written from people who never tapped from the Spirit of God. They have limited the Holy One of Israel with studies and research just like Science.

“Yes, again and again they tempted God, And limited the Holy One of Israel.” – Psalms 78:41

I have seen pastors in a dilemma. The dilemma that God gave them a specific word to preach on a particular Sunday but because the old men in the front control how the sermon structure is effected, they fear and back out.

Some have also been assured by God not to fear as that word will liberate people’s marriages, addiction, poverty etc. but they chickened out because they feared of their salaries. This explains why most of them look for better jobs and others move to form their own churches.

Being a pastor is a job with deliverables like any other. There is an offer letter, ToRs, Appraisals, Expectation Criteria, Contract Terms, etc. How will that person hear from the Holy Spirit, if their work is already defined in the physical on a piece of paper?

Most pastors evade these restrictions by forming their own churches expecting that things will be different. Because they are used to drink from a spring that is not from the throne of God, they end up doing the same exact thing that they were evading.

Most of them find themselves in slavery again as the men who funded their churches have their own agendas. This explains why we have so many Churches mushrooming with the same message, agenda and purpose.

The Lord never intended that the church be ran as an organization no wonder Jesus said that men turned His father’s house into a den of robbers. The church is just a school. The same things I learnt in Christian Religious Education (CRE) were the same things I learnt in Church. The church needs to know that it is the restraining power. It needs to know its place.

If the church knew its place, there will be no sicknesses, there will be no poverty, people will be drawn into the heart of God, we will have more powerful music that make men have communion with the Holy Spirit, men will take dominion and the devil will not carry his agenda into the house of God.

Dear men of God, the Lord has placed you in positions of power and influence. He is constantly knocking asking, “May I come in?” He wants to use you to change the world. He wants to use you to heal, plant and root out. He is waiting for you but you are busy religiously waiting for Him.

It is time to break the yoke of man. It is time to break the yoke of religion and take upon His yoke which he says is easy and His burden is light. Seek the true revelation of Christ and break that of Theology. Seek Him diligently because he rewards those who diligently seek Him. #EndReligion

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