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To be able to carry out our mandate which is to awaken the bride (the church) we would need you to walk the journey with us. 

What is Partnership?

We have a very powerful mandate and in this mandate, we will need persons who can walk the journey with us. Do you know that you can never support the ministry? God designed that His work is sustained by noble, appointed persons whom He deposits the burden to.

A person like Cornelius, though a gentile, had the ministry deep in his heart. He wasn’t merely ‘supporting’ but rather he offered himself for the work of God. This is why the Bible says thing like, ‘It was that Mary.’

You can read more about Partnership in this article series about giving – Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

The Remnant Wants To Achieve The Following

To give God the very best and to make Him a name in the nations, there is need to record powerful and impactful revelatory videos. We will need partners to help us purchase equipment in audio & video recording, lighting & editing equipment. The following is a proposed list.

Video Recording

Voice Recording



How To Partner

1. You can give in kind e.g. giving the equipment itself; should you have video recording or editing equipment or editing laptops you can always contact us.

2. You can give through service. You can offer to help record and edit the videos. You can always contact us.

3. You can also contact us should you want to give in cash.