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Stupid Vows You Shouldn’t Say in Your Marriage. For Better For Worse, Which Worse?

Stupid Vows You Shouldnt Say in Your Marriage. For Better For Worse Which Worse

I have gone to tons of weddings and in all of them, almost every speaker says, “You know marriage is not easy.” They affirm this with vehemence and enthusiasm. Well, they forget that back in hell, the devil is undressing to a jacuzzi asking Judas to hand him over the cigar and some bottle of wine.

We have made the devil’s work so easy by pushing his agenda. We say things simply because we hear other people saying them. A child of God would wonder why they are not making it in life oblivious of the things they prophesied in their life.

A study has shown that Christians have the highest divorce rate. Of about 55% married Christians, about 12% of them get divorced. All this was brewed in their wedding day when their pastors set them up for destruction.

When you attend a Christian wedding as a bachelor today, it is more likely that you will remain single forever. All your aunties will preach how marriage is not easy and the way they have struggled to live with their husbands. God will then come after an after thought when they say, “It was hard, but God helped us.”

In most weddings, God is usually sitted in the trenches. Sometimes He is not sitted at all. He is on the rubbish heap outside the main tent. He is chased away the main tent of pomp and glamour. The tent of the who is whos, the polished men of God adorned in white who are about to join that which is not supposed to be joined.

God doesn’t eat that day as well. All glory goes back to parents, teachers, aunties, friends, uncles etc. While street dogs lick away the dry bones, God is left with nothing but hunger for the wedded souls. He yearns to have them but the layers of what is spiritually said upon them keeps Him at bay.

It is sad that an ‘ordained’ man of God would tell the couple to vow something like, “for richer for poorer!” An ‘ordained’ man of God would intentionally stamp poverty on a newly wedded couple. Why not for richer and richer? Why add the negative? What happened to moving from glory to glory?

You see, there were two trees in the garden of Eden. One was the tree of life, the tree that gives life and abundance. The other was the tree of knowledge of good and evil which is also called the fluctuating tree. It is from that tree that creates the ups and downs in life for the natural man. Sadly, so many men eat from that tree, the same tree God told Eve not to eat from.

It is from the fluctuating tree that we get phrases like, “For richer for poorer!” “Hard work pays!” “For better for worse!” “God helps those who help themselves” Etc. In short, the devil stamps himself on anything that is good. He creates a downside to everything that was created good and perfect. Sadly, religious men of God do not discern this and they end up binding marriages with curses.

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This is why in most churches, married couples are always going for prayer and advice because their marriages are breaking up why? Those marriages do not have God as the maker and builder of their foundations. They have ill words lingering everywhere they are. Should they try to get rich, the phrase, “for poorer” catches up with them.

Should they strive to have better lives; better health, better houses or better jobs then the worse manifests because the downside of a better life was incarnated into their marriages. It is sad that heathen marriages are greatly praised as Christians blame the devil for the misfortunes in their marriages forgetting that they welcomed him into the marriage as they were prophesying their vows.

For richer for poorer and for better for worse are not even Biblical. God doesn’t live in the duality of better and worse neither for richer and poorer. He exists in only that which is good and perfect. Man decided to tap from the pits of hell and curse marriages with poverty and the worst of lives.

God doesn’t eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He also instructed you not to eat from it. He says that He is the way, the truth and the life – derived from the tree of life. It is time to start eating from that tree. Think of only that which is good and proclaim that which streams from the heavenlies.

To you who is about to get married, now you know what vows you shouldn’t say in your wedding. To you who said those vows, you do not need a cleansing session, you do not need an undoing ritual, all you need is to increase the revelation of God in your life.

Increase the revelation that God is supreme over your life. Increase the revelation of truth and slowly kill religion. Read more of these articles that I write and I also welcome to fellowship. You need to dwell in light so that your eyes may be opened.

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  1. I know very well what this means. And that day I knew, stories za better for worse we never to be apart of my declarations.

    Thank you so much for this👏👏

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