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The Demon in Shakahola Wants To Regulate The Church

The Horror in Shakahola Wants To Regulate The Church

I have asked several people this question and the answer gets hilarious every single time. When you enter your house at night and there is nobody in the house, what is the first thing you do? Some say, I throw my shoes and sit on my couch, others say they go straight to the kitchen to make tea and so on.

It is funny that nobody ever tells me the catch, the exact juice of the question. Some say they remove their shoes, some say they stretch first and others say they remove their bras to free their tightened selves. It is funny no one else says they switch on the light.

Welcome to Darkness 101, A Dwelling Place for The Modern Christian, A Comprehensive Dissertation by The Remnant.

For the longest time, the Government has wanted to regulate the Church. The government of this world is not the government of heaven. The governments of this world are mostly from the pits of hell. The governments of this world are meant to oppress, undermine and kill the child of God.

The only time the government of heaven was manifested here on earth was during the time of Solomon when he made silver as common as stones. The Bible says that silver, was common and cheap in his days. People were happy and everyone had his own house and garden.

1 Kings 4:25

During the lifetime of Solomon, all of Judah and Israel lived in peace and safety. And from Dan in the north to Beersheba in the south, each family had its own home and garden.

Later, when Israel went into captivity, the Babylonian system of government caught up with the child of God. The child of God got his name changed and was forced into learning the knowledge of Chaldeans. This is why the Devil had the audacity to tell Jesus to bow to him and he will give him everything he wanted.

For the longest time, the government of the world has been antagonistic towards the government of heaven. The two systems have always been at direct opposites. The world governments have always wanted to control the church because they are well aware that the church is the restraining power.

2nd Corinthians 2:7

For the mystery of lawlessness [rebellion against divine authority and the coming reign of lawlessness] is already at work; [but it is restrained] only until he who now restrains it is taken out of the way.

The only thing standing in the way of the dark agenda of governments is the church. And they have tried to use every single tactic to get the restraining power off their way to no avail for God always has his remnant. This is why the antichrist comes after the rapture of the church (the restraining power).

But the church is in deep chloroformed slumber doing nothing but twisting, turning and tossing in a bed of thorns they created themselves. The church has been relegated into a powerless entity and church goers have been stamped as weak and desperate people in need of some being for comfort.

The church always bows to the government, bootlicking them for handouts. They let politicians display their filth in their so-called ‘holy altars’ and would always engage in controversial incidents for that shilling. Dark people will propel their dark agendas in return for some bricks and concrete.

God being so gracious will always cover his men and convict them but sadly they go in too deep until it is too late and all breaks lose. The government will always have leverage against the church because they went to bed together.

This explains why so many men of God start so well but later become something else. Now, let’s go back to my question, “What is the first thing you do when you get to your house at night?” Simple – Switch on The Light!

I have yet another question, “Why don’t people push darkness away? Is it even possible to push darkness away?” I have yet another question, “When you turn on the lights, where does darkness go to? And when you turn off the lights, where does darkness swiftly come from?”

Most men of God today are busy chasing darkness. They are busy trying to shove darkness out of the room with their bare hands. They are more concentrated on darkness and death than they are with light and life.

This is why so many ministries promise of ending curses, death to one’s enemies and the chasing of demons. They should actually point the children of God to the light which comes through the revelation of Christ and darkness will have no option but to flee.

This is the same when the church joins the government and the cultic media to condemn darkness. But why are you dwelling there? The media is one of the biggest cult as it is always antagonistic to what the church preaches.

Not a single day will you see in the news that hundreds of people got their healing through a certain man of God but they will freely advertise the devil by calling out men of God and giving you headlines like, “Two Couples Found Stuck After Having Illicit Sex”.

Have you ever heard the news say, “Today the city of Nairobi was calm and amazing? Glory to God?” Or will they seek for the most controversial and darkest news to present to you? It is so stupid for churches that should be homes for nourishing children of God engaging in conversation distancing themselves from cults.

Will the Shakahola saga be the last of its own? How many times will you be in the media distancing yourself from people who do ill things? Why are you concerned about darkness? Why are you sanctifying yourself? Why are you trying to prove yourself? Let God vindicate you.

The real perpetrators of Shakahola are being clapped for in hell. The devil is busy telling them, “Good work my good and humble servant.” This is an amazing time for the church to show the child of God the way and give them the true revelation of God but they are busy wasting time giving out sermons analyzing in detail the Shakahola massacre.

It is so sad that the same church is advocating for the regulation of the church. The church is turning to be its own accuser. The cultic Theologians are calling out pastors with no papers thinking that the certifications they have make them closer to God.

The church has reached a place where they get their identity from the government. They boast of the certification and licenses from the body which is against them and not the true revelation of Christ. They boast of their connections in government because they proudly engage the arm of the flesh.

I am in no way advocating the Shakahola massacre but I am really against the church involving itself in cultic matters thinking that they can ‘save’ congregants from unscrupulous men of God. The church advocates that congregants should check if a church is registered and pastors are learned. Then what is the different between the church and local businesses?

The church is busy advocating the agenda of the devil and the devil is busy clapping for them as well in hell. As they engage in sermons every day about cults, they are still making the devil aware and are awakening children of God into such things. They forget bad publicity is good publicity and the devil loves bad publicity. He takes the glory of it.

If the church took its place, no one will ever attend a cult. If the church stopped prostituting with the government and the Babylonian System, there will be no massacres, no suicides, no desperations etc. The church became powerless a long time ago and people are falling into anyone who claim have power.

The church today cannot discern and that’s why they blindly bring dark businesspeople to teach about business who impart bizarre things to children of God. Because those words lead to loss, the disappointed children of God look for men who can make them rich.

The church today has become mental health platforms. Sermons have become motivational points to cater for those who are suffering. The church has fully relied into the knowledge of the world forgetting that the Word of God is a double-edged sword.

Mere men think that they can save children of God with their intellect. They forget that it is God who heals. They forget that it is the Almighty who saves, plants and increases. Today, the church draws you more to human intellect and less of the Spirit of God.

Doctors have been glorified than the spirit of God. Today, God just heals after doctors have treated. It is crazy that ‘ordained men of God’ will call me a heretic because I said God is greater than doctors and I am teaching people not to go to hospital. Well, I am not but there is a place that knows no sickness.

Courts have become the ultimate justice system. We see churches suing individuals over mammon but preach otherwise about the justice of God. The modern church really contradicts itself. It preaches water and drinks wine. This is because they are mostly competing for who is popular, who has a bigger church and who is rich.

The Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabab has (and still is) massacred more over the years and they believe in Jihad. I have never seen any church distancing themselves from them nor have I ever heard of regulation of the Muslim faith.

Dear Church, wake up. Take up your place, don’t struggle to fight cults. More will crop up and you will spend a whole year teaching from one cult to another. Don’t give the devil free advertising. Concentrate on God’s agenda.

Stop giving the government power to regulate you and later cry foul. Remember, during COVID, you guys were non-essential but bars opened up to 11pm. Don’t go to bed with someone who regards you as non-essential. Rather be shrewd, comply with its laws but don’t welcome their agenda. #EndReligion

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