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The Kenyan Media is Busy Advertising & Promoting The Occult

The Kenyan Media is Busy Advertising & Promoting The Occult

I will start this post with very few words. I am willing to ‘Show’ and not ‘Tell’. I intend to make this post very graphical so that you can see the depth of what I am talking about. I remember it was a relaxing Sunday and I was listening to some amazing music by Limitless Worship and boom! There it was, on my face.

K24 Mzee Sabasaba 1
K24 Mzee Sabasaba

K24 interrupted my amazing communion with the Holy Spirit to play me an ad advertising a witchdoctor. I was shook. I asked myself, “How far has the Kenyan media gone in the occult?” I took a photo and days later while scrolling an article on the Standard, I saw this.

The Standard Praises Mama Fina for having a generous heart.
The Standard Praises Mama Fina for having a generous heart.

For those who do not know ‘Mama Fina’ just go and Google. I am not here to give them free airtime on my blog. I wondered, “How far can the media go in this occult things?” I asked further, “Why have I never seen the media praising a man of God that maybe a prophecy they said came to pass or someone was healed by the power of God in their church?”

This made me do some random searches in their website and I bumped on this.

Citizen Digital Praises a Withdoctor for being prophetic
Citizen Digital Praises a Withdoctor for being prophetic

A popular Kenyan Media Station actually has an article praising a witchdoctor for being prophetic. And meanwhile, on the same media, this happens.

Kathy Kiuna's Car Prophecy Ridiculed by a prophetic witchdoctor
Kathy Kiuna’s Car Prophecy Ridiculed by a prophetic witchdoctor

Can you now see the contrast? Can you see how the media is no home for the child of God? Now, let me put the two graphics side by side.

Kathy Kiuna vs Mganga
Kathy Kiuna’s Car Prophecy Ridiculed by a prophetic witchdoctor

I went in deeper and deeper and just did a search on the keywords, ‘mganga’ and ‘witchdoctor’. Here are just some of what I got.

  • Occult on Social Media (10)
  • Occult on Social Media (9)
  • Occult on Social Media (8)
  • Occult on Social Media (7)
  • Occult on Social Media (6)
  • Occult on Social Media (5)
  • Occult on Social Media (4)
  • Occult on Social Media (3)
  • Occult on Social Media (2)

I then did the opposite and searched for popular men of God. The media is not their safe space. I found them being so ridiculed and trash talked for simply being humans. They have been accused for living lavishly because the devil in the media wants them to live like paupers.

Most of them have been accused for simply having money, for raising concerns on some subject or for engaging in politics. It is sad that the child of God thinks that men of God should not engage in politics. They think politics is not of God and it is the devil’s yet they complain of bad leadership.

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:2KJV – When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: But when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

The child of God is always mourning from the effects of corruption but when the righteous are in authority, they are the first to castigate and call them all sorts of names. This is turn has demoralized those with an agenda of God and found themselves doing what the wolves do.

I went to Google and just Googled about Rev. Lucy Natasha, just to be curious and this is what is on page 1 of Google:

Rev. Lucy Natasha on Page 1 of Google
Rev. Lucy Natasha on Page 1 of Google

I went to these media sites and searched for popular men of God in this country. This is what I found.

  • Pastor's Articles on Social Media (7)
  • Pastor's Articles on Social Media (6)
  • Pastor's Articles on Social Media (4)
  • Pastor's Articles on Social Media (3)
  • Pastor's Articles on Social Media (1)

The saddest thing is that most of these men of God will prostitute themselves with the media. They will go to bed with the enemy to expose their own kingdom. They will make official statements saying that they are not affiliated with this and this and that they condemn that.

I have a very beautiful question, “Have you ever heard the devil say that he is not associated with God? And that they condemn Him and his activities?” Well… No! Do you know why? Because he is too smart to know that he will be giving God free airtime. People will go and search who this God is.

The devil will only advocate for what he stands for. That’s why you hear slogans like #StandOut #PrideMonth etc. He will stand for homosexuality and the like but will never say that he is against giving and love. He will rather tweak and say give towards human rights and love anyone no matter their orientation.

But because the child of God is in baby class, Citizen Tv will call him during prime news to talk about the rot of the Christian religion in the society and they would think that they are doing God an immense favor because they have gone to spread light. They will also think that it is a good opportunity to make a great name for themselves and advertise his church.

It is sad that Christians have made a fool of themselves on the media that exposes their butts by ‘exposing’ other men of God. They think by calling out names they are exposing the devil but in real sense, the devil is happy and proud of them.

In media we say bad publicity is good publicity. The devil wants to be called out. He loves it. He loves when Shakahola massacre is trending for weeks. He claps to the men of God who dig on it and even create sermons around it on Sundays. He tells them, “Well done my faithful and humble servant.”

I am in no way supporting the Shakahola atrocities but I will not shy to say that it is stupid to create sermons about how the devil is killing people and how to deal with gay people. Shine LIGHT you brood of vipers!!! You can only win by shining revelation onto the child of God, not to make them weary of the devil’s operations.

Child of God, spread light, you can NEVER expose the devil. Every time you expose him you expand his kingdom. Do away with those sermons that explain how to spot a cult and how the devil operates and shine in light. Light that heals, light that plants, light that restores broken marriages, light that increases etc.

The Bible says that the devil disguises himself as an angel of light. Those Tv interviews might look that they are going to impact but in real sense they bring fear and harm to children of God. Most of them even abandon the faith because they think that the Christian faith is a scam.

Imagine preaching cults to a child of God who is about to give up on the faith. One who constantly asks God why because things are going terribly bad for them. Won’t they quit on everything they know?

“Well, no wonder! Even Satan can disguise himself to look like an angel of light!” – 2 Corinthians 11:14

You do not tell a three year old to be aware of gang rapists, drug addicts, homosexuals and witchdoctors who use children body parts in their cultic activities do you? Instead you shield them from that information and let them grow in light.

If your child comes to your bedroom at night claiming that there is something under their beds, you assure them that there is nothing and if there is, Christ is more powerful. Sadly, men of God who are supposed to take care of the children of God are exposing them to all kinds of cultic things.

It is sad that children of God can be made aware of homosexuals and pedophilias in a church service. Tragic isn’t it? Preach the word and children of God will have something to cling on. Exposing them is worse because they will find LGBTQs who help them in life and they ask, “Why was my pastor against such an amazing guy? I think he is wrong.”

Man of God, you can never expose the devil enough. Next time they call you for these media gimmicks get deep into the spirit and learn the motive as most of them come from the deepest pits of hell. Go to the media to shine light not to spread darkness.

And you child of God, you go to Bible studies to discuss pastors? No matter how dark they are? You hang out with your friend to pity the kingdom of God and how modern pastors have become profane? I am not advocating for them but it is not your business to discuss the rot in the kingdom of God.

You do not know how God looks at those men so just shut up. Zip up completely as you are advancing the kingdom of darkness in those conversations. Speak about good things. Speak about the goodness of God and not about massacres and cults and treachery. It is not your business.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me–put it into practice.
– Philippians 4:8

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