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#SlayingSillySermons – We Are NOT All Equal in the Eyes of the Lord

SlayingSillySermons We Are NOT All Equal in the Eyes of the Lord

I know my rights! All sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya and shall be exercised only in accordance with this Constitution. Let me ask a very simple question, “Why wasn’t Raila jailed for swearing himself in before the handshake?

Why are so many ‘politically influential’ murderers walking free today? We have the constitution that outlines the charges of murder and treason. Since there was a scape goat called Miguna Miguna, why wasn’t he put in jail? Why was he ‘simply deported?’

So, we claim of how just democracy is and how the law is not biased. They say the law doesn’t care whether you are rich, poor or politically affiliated but that’s not always the case. You and I know that democracy never works and it will never work – FOREVER!

Go to your father’s house, sit on his seat and him to serve you tea in your father’s cup. When your father arrives send him to the kitchen to get you some water and let’s see what happens. We live in a democratic life don’t we?

Well, the same is replicated in the spirit. Democracy is from the darkest pit of hell but naive and religious ‘children of God’ would advocate for it as if it springs from the throne of God. God is not and will never be democratic.

There is hierarchy in the spirit and this hierarchy brings about rank. Men are differently ranked in the spirit. This is why a man like David would kill his friend, take his wife, screw her. God will then turn a blind eye, bless that womb, and the lineage of Jesus will come from her through Solomon.

Another underpaid police constable called Achan in Joshua 7 would have his sons and daughters, his cattle and donkeys and all he had killed simply because he stole some gold and silver from war. Now, do you think we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord?

Both men (David and Achan) admitted their mistakes. One is pardoned and another gets a sword on his neck. A harlot, people we regard as the filth of the society gets all her family spared because she hid two spies. As if that was not enough, she becomes an ancestor of Jesus.

A friend was telling me that a Kenyan singer who sang the song, “Before the Lord We Are All The Same” is in the spirit and that their songs edify them. It is sad that most churches use this phrase to console new believers and they get frustrated to see what they term ‘evil people’ prosper and abound in wealth.

Most Christians do not know that that phrase is from hades and it is meant to undermine highly ranked men of God. The phrase merely tells the child of God that they are on the same level with their spiritual leaders. They totally miss the point when they become auditors and advisors to their spiritual leaders.

The same children of God cannot do the same to their workplaces, they honor, revere and respect their earthly masters but the spiritual masters who placed them in those positions are mere people who need their pocket change to survive.

Imagine you are an old bald-headed chap and you are walking near a nursery school. All of a sudden all the kids get out of their classes and start teasing you singing, “Kipara ngoto, na maji moto…” (Bald headed man). Then you get mad and say, “May all of you die” and God instantly kills all the 42 kids in a blink.

Aren’t kids what Jesus told us to emulate to enter the kingdom of heaven? Why would God spare a murderous king like David and kill 42 innocent kids who were just teasing an old man? What kind of a God is that? Well, simply explained, there is something we call rank. There is a status quo in heaven.

Religious people would always contend with this arguing that spiritual leaders need to be kept in check, audited and tamed. They will never say that of their bosses because they would get fired instantly. They forget that those they want to tame are more powerful than their earthly masters.

There is something we call intimacy. Intimacy with God just means one is very close to God. When one becomes intimate with God, their enemies become God’s enemies and their friends become God’s friends. This is why friends of powerful men of God have prospered.

Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, a Muslim, has Papa Benson Idahosa, to thank him for his wealth. Of course Google will not give preference to that article so don’t be a one pager guy, strive to go to page 3 and 10.

There are those who have gained rank in the spirit because of their intimacy. Some have argued that the Bible says in Romans 2:11 that God doesn’t show favoritism. Well, this is the meaning of favoritism. Favoritism is the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.

It simply means that if we are in the same rank, God will never be unfair to me at the expense of the you. This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have favorites though. There is a reason why Moses and Elijah are frequently mentioned in the Bible and appear when Jesus is Praying.

You cannot be greater than Abraham. There are levels in the spirit and every day man chooses which level he wants to be in the spirit by his works, obedience and communion with the Lord. This is what we call moving from glory to glory.

So, drive off the mentality of all men being equal. The Bible says that in the house of God are different vessels. Some are of wood, some are of bronze, some of silver, some of gold etc. It is sad that the vessels of wood want to put the vessels of gold in check.

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  1. I agry 💯 that this is absolute truth.
    A very expository article..much blessings my coz n glory be to God

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