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While The Heathens Took Dominion, The Church is Still Punishing Its Youth For Having Sex

While The Heathens Took Dominion The Church is Still Punishing Its Youth For Having Sex

I used to fellowship in a certain church and it happened that my peers, young band members ‘ate’ each other. Oops, what an intro. I think this is where all church guys stop reading this post. Well, the curious ones will read on to check what I have to say.

Well, after feeling the sweet bumpy activity each other’s protruding and sunken organs, they were summoned by the church elders to vividly explain how the Halal Farmer’s Choice product penetrated into the non-Halal conglomerate of muscles and mucus.

I really do not know who snitched them but you and I know that it is only the church that accuses its own soldiers, shames them and nails them on the cross. I have never seen an exposé like, “10 Sheikhs who ate from their flock.” Or “10 Buddhas and their illicit corrupt deals.”

So my friends were kicked out of service. They were unworthy to serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. They were now impure and needed cleansing. They were unrighteous because according to them, righteousness came from the purity their tiny wee wees and meat holes.

This is the ironical statement that they got was, “You know everyone sins, but we’re just excluding you off serving for a period of time because the ‘image of the church’ is tainted. But that does not mean God doesn’t love you. He does. And He doesn’t judge you whatsoever because He is a loving God.”

I do not need to tell you of the side looks they got from everyone on the church compound. They were segregated by their peers maybe because their parents warned them, “Let me never see you with…” They were judged, hated, they became the topic in the cafeteria, parking and even reference items in sermons. And just like that, the church lost kingdom changers – Chris Bowe, ring a bell?

Meanwhile, the heathens are strategizing. They are looking for what talent to devour from the church. With open arms they welcome those who have been regurgitated by those who claim they loved them. They give them ‘love’, they don’t discriminate them and they pay them.

These young chaps are for once paid for their skill, for something they love to do. They become insanely good in their craft. They learn new styles from the celebrity icons the church told them to keep away from because they are evil.

They learn all these from the world since the church is still sleeping in music. They are still flashing shetani kama pupu (Flashing the devil like feces) and emphasizing that before the eyes of the Lord we are all the same – I wish they knew.

They get so good in music, earn from their craft, and are appreciated by well established MCs in every big event they perform. They also have their names and photos displayed on large LED screens. The world glorifies them. They get to know their worth, they settle not for less and soar very high in their careers.

Lets be real here. What made Dj. Krowbar? Isn’t it Pilsner Mfalme. What made Dj. Joe? Isn’t it still Pilsner Mfalme. Now tell the church to host an event bigger than Pilser Mfalme and see the backlash. Dj. Krowbar, just like any other teen today, was a ‘Gospel Deejay’.

I bet as a teen, he used to ask himself, “How can my mad skills be used to drive the agenda of God?” But I know that the church still stuck in singing hymns for the Lawd because it maybe believed disc jockeys came from the pits of hell with their dreadlocks. Well, Pilsner made him.

This may feel like a hate post towards the church but it is not. It is an awakening piece. The church needs to wake up from its chloroformic slumber. The church cannot hold and tame an artist that just came from the other world. It would first show them of how unworthy they are and how lucky they are to be on their side.
The church would then force them to sing ‘Christian’ music. A talented rapper will be forced to sing hymns and lead worship because rapping is of the devil. A guy who sings amazing love music will be told that they should not glorify a man or a woman but God.

The church paints that kind of love as something that doesn’t please God, a direct ticket to hell. Anything that is not sang for God Himself is abomination to them. Look the many artists in the world who gave their lives to Christ only for them to go back to their previous lives because the church frustrated them.

The church keeps insisting, “For we are not under the law” but its many by-laws have just frustrated the many who seek solace. You would hear statements like, “You know we Baptists, behave like… You know we Pentecostals carry ourselves like… etc.”

The heathens take these young talents up and give them what the church cannot give them – ‘freedom’. The church would preach that there is freedom in Christ but show you the complete opposite. It is a jail, a list do’s and don’ts. The world will show these people fake freedom and sooner or later they start eating each other’s butts.

Because heathens don’t judge these young chaps, they don’t mistreat them, they pay them and empower them, these young kids will eventually do everything to their bidding. They will brainwash them to things like the LGBTQ crap and tell them to form associations.

When it is too late and the Supreme Court has told them now you guys can form associations, the same church that sidelined them 10 years ago will start making statements and praying for the lost generation. Jesus! You literally pushed them to those associations.

In my life as a pianist, I have known that the most sacred thing in church are its instruments. I tried playing some classical and jazz music and I got ‘the eye’. That eye almost made me jump out of my skin. Nobody touches church instruments. In the heathen world, they tell you to visit their studio any time and jam provided they are not in use.

The heathens scout for the best. They go for the crème de la crème. The church on the other hand is like, “God will bring someone!” The heathens would rather pay some good dime for whoever they want. The do not fear investing to get the best.

The church on the other hand will host a 10 Million concert and tell the band, “Go in peace, The Lord has seen your service and He will bless you.” And the hungry poor young chaps will walk through dark alleys back home after serving the rich father who abounds in gold and silver.

The language the world understands is the language of money. Show me the money and I will come. Without renumeration the church leaders cannot survive. If another church gives them a better pay, they will surely hop into that church.

The heathens have mastered the craft of mammon for their agenda. They are battling with the masters of mammon but they cannot learn their ways. The church thinks that no person should benchmark or learn from the world. They forget Daniel had to learn ALL the ways of the Babylonians.

The same good book tells them in Luke 16:9 to use worldly mammon to make friends for yourselves but they are sadly stuck in John 3:16. If you try to get an explanation from your church leader about the meaning of the verse, you will hear all sorts of weird definitions.

Make the mistake of telling the church that they should be as shrewd as their Holy book tells them and you will get all manner of religious crap. Jesus couldn’t save mankind from Heaven, he had to be in the system, he had to mingle with drunks and tax collectors.

Let the church find you mingling with them. They will ask you, “Are you Jesus?” The following Sunday, they will preach, “Ye are gods. You are sitted with Him in the heavenly places and greater than what He did will you do.” Damn what a contradiction!

The heathens are busy building systems that make it hard for the child of God to have dominion. They have the money, they have the people in positions of influence and they control the narrative. The church has forgotten they are the restraining power and all they are talking about is soul ties.

Heathens have dominated Karen, Kilimani, Kileleshwa, Lavington and all the posh places. The best the church can do is to live in shoddy places, drive cars that do not give God the glory and talk about body counts? I am sure I have been flagged for preaching ‘Prosperity Gospel.’

But sincerely, does God want His children to be poor? Is God very impressed when His soldiers are driving Vitz’es while heathens humilite them with Range Rovers? If two men were teaching you about God, one lives in his own house in a posh place and driving a posh car and another rents a house in the armpits of town, who will one tend to believe more? The one you will believe more defines your God.

Let’s not pretend about humility crap. Why don’t street urchins make statements in the World Economic Forum? The church fights money so much and they don’t get it. They beg from those who have it (the heathens) to carry their agendas. What happened to, “And the kingdoms of this world became the kingdom of God?”

The story of David, my God! This is the most misinterpreted story of all time. Some religious sects say that he was a man after God’s own heart before he sinned. David’s story is just used when it is convenient. When they want an adulterous person to give his life to Christ, the tell him the redemption story of David’s life but when a normal person eats someone’s wife they put rules that David was a king, he repented and he was punished that he couldn’t build God’s temple. They use the same story to condemn.

How about Samson? The guy who would thoroughly eat prostitutes and the Holy Spirit would come powerfully over him to even carry the city gate? I am not advocating for sin. What I am saying is that the church is very sin conscious. They delve so much into right and wrong that they forget who they are. They forget their power and end up copying the ways of the same heathens they are condemning.

Heathens will do an event and invite sponsors they have placed in those positions. The church, because they are still asleep would also invite the same sponsors to sponsor their events not knowing that they have the grace of God to propel them. Those sponsors come in with their own agenda rendering the event useless. They will think that the event was powerful but it never gave God the glory.

It is sad that some churches have closed down youth churches. They claim that there is no Return on Investment. Since when did the church start operating like a business? It is sad that after closing these youth churches/services, the same youth are swallowed by the LGBTQ. You will then see them paying a lot of money to the media ma statements on their stands against LGBTQ. Make the youth sessions/camps interesting to them. Stop worrying a lot about where the money will come from. Heathens are winning by engaging them in very simple stuff.

Dear church, you are really fighting your wars in the physical. Religion has suffocated you. You are the restraining power. Open your eyes and stop concentrating so much on sin. Sin is darkness. Put on the light which is revelation. It is only light that can drive out darkness. Wholly depend on the Lord. Discern the agenda of God and if you can’t, submit to spiritual men of God who carry out his agenda.

And you guy who has quit on the church, this post was not to make you hate it more. Come get revelation every Friday at Limitless Worship at KICC, Lenana Hall as from 5:30pm.

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